Linear Swing Arm System

Linear Actuators Swing Gate Systems

Linear Actuators and Harmonic Arm Systems are the two main types of swing gate systems that apply to more than 95% of people.

A linear actuator is a technical term for an automatic swing gate system mounted off the ground and connects to the gate post and the gate frame itself. The majority of residential swing gates use automatic swing gate systems. They are used on some light-duty commercial applications too.

Linear actuators consist of a motorized “gate arm” that gets longer or shorter to move the gate open and closed. Brackets attached to the post and gate frame hold the gate arm in place and allow it to pivot as the gate moves back and forth. They perform two different actions: swinging the gate(s) inward or outward.

The most common linear actuators are direct driven mechanically by an electric motor. Some are hydraulically driven, but these are much more expensive and often not necessary. Lastly, linear actuators usually require automatic locks to keep them completely secure.