Swing Gate Systems

Linear Actuators and Harmonic Arm Systems are the Two Main Gate Openers for Swing Gate Systems.

Linear Arm Operators and Swing Gate Systems

A linear actuator is a technical term for an automatic swing gate system mounted off the ground and connects to the gate post and the gate frame itself. The majority of residential swing gates use automatic swing gate systems. They are used on some light-duty commercial applications too.

Linear actuators consist of a motorized “gate arm” that gets longer or shorter to move the gate open and closed. Brackets attached to the post and gate frame hold the gate arm in place and allow it to pivot as the gate moves back and forth. They perform two different actions: swinging the gate(s) inward or outward.

The most common linear actuators are direct driven mechanically by an electric motor. Some are hydraulically driven, but these are much more expensive and often not necessary. Lastly, linear actuators usually require automatic locks to keep them completely secure.

Linear Arm Operators and Swing Gate Systems

Harmonic Arm Operators and Swing Gate Systems

A harmonic arm swing gate system is a technical term for an automatic swing gate system mounted on the ground, usually on a concrete pad. This gate operating system is usually used on commercial swing gate applications where the gates are very heavy and/or very long. Residential gates generally do not require harmonic swing gates because they are smaller/lighter in size, and the space needed to install them is not available.

Harmonic arm gate systems do not connect to the post like linear actuators. Instead, they sit on the ground next to the gate and connect directly to the gate frame. This harmonic arm is a two-piece arm with a fulcrum point somewhere in the middle that folds or extends as the motor turns forward or backward. Harmonic arm swing gate systems do not require an automatic lock.

Harmonic Arm Operators and Swing Gate Systems

Residential Wood Gates | Swing Gate Systems

Residential wooden swing gate systems offer a classic and versatile option for driveway or garden entrances. Wood offers a natural beauty that complements various architectural styles. You can stain or paint them to match your taste and property’s exterior. Different wood types offer varying levels of durability and weather resistance. Cedar and redwood are naturally resistant to rot and insects, but will cost more than pine. Wood material provides the unique features and grain pattern of the specific wood you choose. It will weather and age gracefully if maintained properly. Wood typically requires three coats of paint or stain about every few years.

Benefits of wooden gate systems include affordability and customizability. Compared to iron gates, wooden swing gates are typically a more budget-friendly option. They also can be custom built in various sizes, styles (from picket fences to solid panels), and with decorative elements to suit your preferences.

Residential Wooden Swing Gates

Single Iron Gate | Swing Gate Systems

Access Gates offers a wide variety of swing gate systems for different applications. Depending on your particular situation and needs, with our experience we can arrive at the right solution for you.

Iron is durable and heavy, these gates provide security while allowing an open view of your property. Iron finishes will require maintenance to avoid rust and weathering.

Aluminum is lightweight, sturdy, and stylish. Finished with a powder coating, its finish is maintenance free. Since it is lightweight, easier and quicker to lift, slide, and swing – aluminum is the primary choice for general gates. Consult with Access Gate Systems and determine the best access gate system for your home or business. We will guide you on what systems is best for you home or business.

Single Iron Swing Gate Systems

Double Iron Gate | Swing Gate Systems

Access Gates offers a wide variety of swing gate operators for different applications. Depending on your particular situation and needs, with our experience we can arrive at the right solution for you. Double swing gates systems can add a touch of sophistication and charm to your property’s facade. Iron comes in various styles, from ornate to minimalist, to complement your taste and property architecture.

Not only is iron is heavy and durable, these gates provide security while allowing an open view of your property. The  finishes will require maintenance to avoid rust and weathering. Professional installation is recommended, especially for iron swing gates because they are heavy. Improper installation can lead to safety hazards and malfunctioning.

Aluminum is sturdy, lightweight and stylish. Finished with a powder coating, its finish is maintenance free. Since it is lightweight, easier and quicker to lift, slide, and swing – aluminum is the primary choice for general gates.

Double Iron Swing Gate Systems

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At Access Gates Systems, we leverage the latest technological advancements to provide state-of-the-art access control systems that offer seamless integration, reliability, and enhanced security. Whether you’re looking for a sleek and modern sliding gate, robust swing gate systems, or a sophisticated barrier arm gate, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life.

But our dedication doesn’t stop at installation. We also offer comprehensive maintenance plans to ensure that your gate operates smoothly and efficiently year-round. Our proactive approach helps prevent costly breakdowns and ensures maximum uptime, giving you peace of mind knowing that your property is always protected.

When you choose Access Gates Systems, you’re choosing a trusted partner committed to delivering superior quality, unparalleled reliability, and exceptional customer service. Experience the difference with Access Gates Systems – where security meets sophistication.

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Helpful FAQs | Swing Gates

Swing gate systems offer a classic and functional entryway solution for both residential and commercial properties. Here are some key factors to consider when installing a new swing gate system:

Swing Gate Systems | Gate Purpose and Location

  • Functionality
    What is the primary purpose of the gate? Is it for security, privacy, controlling vehicle access, or enhancing curb appeal? This will influence your choice of material (wood, iron, etc.) and features.
  • Space Constraints
    Swing gates require space on both sides to swing open freely. Measure the available space and ensure there are no obstructions in the path of the swinging arc.
  • Slope and Uneven Terrain
    If your driveway or entryway is on a slope or uneven terrain, this might impact gate operation and may require additional adjustments during installation.

Swing Gate Systems | Gate Design and Functionality

  • Size and Weight
    Consider the size and weight of the gate leaves in relation to the chosen material and desired automation. Heavier gates may necessitate a sturdier support structure and a more powerful gate opener.
  • Single or Double Swing
    Double swing gates offer wider openings but require more space. Single swing gates are space-efficient but have a narrower opening.
  • Style and Aesthetics
    Swing gates come in various styles, from ornate wrought iron to classic wooden fences. Choose a style that complements your property’s architecture and your taste.

Swing Gate Systems | Safety and Security

  • Safety Features
    Ensure the gate system includes safety features like obstacle detection sensors and auto-reverse mechanisms to prevent accidents.
  • Security Features
    Depending on your security needs, consider features like strong latch mechanisms, keyed access pads, or even integration with a security alarm system.

Swing Gate Systems | Additional Considerations

  • Permits
    Check with your local building department to see if a permit is required for installing a new gate.
  • Electrical Needs
    Especially for automated gates, consider the power source and any trenching or electrical wiring that might be needed. Solar-powered options can be an alternative for remote locations.
  • Installation
    Professional installation, especially for heavier or automated gates, is highly recommended to ensure proper functionality, safety, and longevity of your gate system.
  • Budget
    Swing gate systems can vary significantly in cost depending on material, size, automation features, and installation complexity. Determine your budget beforehand to guide your choices.

By carefully considering these factors, you can make an informed decision about the ideal swing gate system for your needs and ensure a smooth installation process. Contact Access Gate Systems for assistance.

Choosing the wrong swing gate system can lead to a number of drawbacks that can impact security, functionality, and even your wallet. Here are some key risks to consider:

Swing Gate Systems | Security Vulnerabilities

  • Weak Material
    A gate made from flimsy materials like thin sheet metal can be easily breached, compromising security. Opt for sturdy materials like wrought iron or reinforced wood for better deterrence.
  • Poor Latch Mechanism
    A faulty or easily bypassed latch can render the gate useless as a security barrier. Ensure a strong and secure locking mechanism is in place.
  • Lack of Security Features
    If your gate lacks features like keypads, access control systems, or integration with alarms, unauthorized entry might be easier.

Swing Gate Systems | Safety Hazards

  • Improper Installation
    A gate that’s not installed correctly can malfunction, become unbalanced, or even collapse, posing a safety risk to users and vehicles.
  • Missing Safety Features
    Gates should ideally have features like auto-reverse mechanisms that detect obstacles and prevent crushing injuries.
  • Improper Weight Capacity
    A gate opener with insufficient power for a heavy gate can lead to malfunctions and potential safety hazards.

Swing Gate Systems | Functionality Issues

  • Space Constraints
    If you choose a gate design that requires too much swing space but don’t have the clearance, it won’t function properly. Measure carefully and ensure there’s room for the gate to open freely.
  • Improper Automation
    An automated gate system that’s not compatible with the weight or size of the gate can lead to breakdowns and frustration. Choose a system with the appropriate power rating for your specific gate.
  • Maintenance Challenges
    A high-maintenance gate material like unsealed wood might require constant upkeep and repairs, adding to long-term costs. Consider factors like weather resistance and ease of maintenance when choosing a material.

Swing Gate Systems | Additional Risks

  • Hidden Costs
    Opting for a seemingly cheaper gate system might lead to additional expenses down the line due to repairs, replacements, or upgrades needed to address unforeseen issues.
  • Unaesthetic Choice
    A poorly chosen gate style can clash with your property’s aesthetics and bring down its curb appeal. Consider the visual impact when making your decision.

By understanding these potential risks, you can make informed choices about your swing gate system and ensure it meets your needs for security, functionality, and aesthetics while avoiding unnecessary costs and safety hazards.

Typically right out of the box, rolling gate systems are more secure as long as something is catching the gate when it goes closed.  But there are various types of automatic locking devices that can lock swing gates together, or against a post every time they close, making them equally secure as rolling gate systems.

In general, slide gate systems are considered more secure than swing gates for a few reasons:

Forced entry
A swing gate with hinges on one side can be more susceptible to being forced open with enough leverage. A slide gate, on the other hand, rests on a track and doesn’t have a single point of forced entry.

Wind resistance
Strong winds can put stress on swing gates and potentially damage them or blow them open. Slide gates remain unaffected by wind.

Space limitations
While not inherently more secure, slide gates can be advantageous in tight spaces where a swinging gate would need extra clearance to open fully. This reduced clearance can create a weak point for potential intrusion.

However, security isn’t the only factor to consider. Here’s a quick comparison:

  • Security: Slide gate (generally)
  • Space requirements: Slide gate (better for tight spaces)
  • Maintenance: Swing gate (generally simpler)
  • Cost: Slide gate (often more expensive due to additional hardware)

Ultimately, the best choice depends on your specific needs and priorities. If security is your top concern, a slide gate might be the way to go. But if space is limited or budget is a major factor, a swing gate with proper reinforcement could be a secure option as well.

You will NEVER get trapped inside or outside if a swing gate system malfunctions. Most automatic gates have a failsafe mechanism that allows for manual operation in case of a malfunction. This means you shouldn’t be trapped inside or outside. Here’s what you can do:

Consult the user manual
Your gate operator should have come with a user manual that outlines troubleshooting steps and how to switch to manual operation.

Look for a manual release mechanism
This is usually a keyhole or a lever located on the gate operator itself. Refer to the user manual for the exact location and operation procedure.

Check for common issues
Even before resorting to manual operation, you can try some basic troubleshooting steps like:

  • Replacing remote control batteries
  • Checking for obstructions in the path of the gate
  • Ensuring the gate is properly aligned

If these steps don’t resolve the issue and you’re uncomfortable with manual operation, contact us.

The majority of gate operating systems that we sell and install today have backup batteries included in them. So when the power goes out, you can usually keep using your system in a normal way. Most systems today can run for many days without power. And you also have options to increase the battery power to run these systems for even extended periods of time if you need to. If you contact Access Gate Systems for maintenance, we will check or replace the batteries for your gate system. That way, it will prevent your backup method from malfunctioning.

Also by law, most swing gate systems have a mandatory failsafe mechanism for manual operation during power outages. This is typically a keyhole or lever you can use to override the automatic system and open the gate by hand.

In some cases, the gate might be designed to automatically swing open and stay open during a power outage. This ensures easy access and egress until power is restored.

Consult the user manual or contact the installer to know:

  • The location and operation method of the manual release mechanism
  • Whether your gate has a battery backup system
  • How long the battery backup can typically last

Manufacturer Warranty
Access Gate Systems will honor all of the manufacturers’ parts replacement warranties.

Our Labor/Workmanship Warranty

What Does This Mean?
Access Gate Systems will have your back as much as anyone in the industry today. If you call us for warranty service, we will be there. We will also help over the phone for free if it’s a simple issue that we can walk you through.

After you make your initial call to us, we will schedule your work as soon as possible. We pride ourselves on always being there for our clients to respond to warranty service calls.

We are not in control of shipping times for replacement parts, some of which come from overseas. Response times may be extended due to shipping delays. We ask that you give us professional liberty since these circumstances are beyond our control.

Lastly, the ultimate resolution may likely take longer than that if additional troubleshooting is required. However, we will always be there for you to follow through and handle your warranty service issue to completion, no matter how long it takes.

You can trust Access Gate Systems to handle all of your gate automation and access control needs. Please contact us to have a look at your project. We will give you a competitive price, always using top quality equipment that will stand the test of time with service after the sale.

Access Gates Systems is licensed with the Louisiana Secretary of State.