Your Residential Gate Options

You’re ready to install a gate. Do you need a better understanding of the types of residential gate systems available before deciding? You have come to the right place.

This daunting task can be made easier by following a streamlined flowchart of options created to inform and guide you to the correct decision. An automated gate can help you contain the little ones and pets, increase your curb appeal with some style, or secure a residential complex with a private gated entryway.

Installation and Service

Driveway Gates

These larger gates provide security and style to your property. There are more options and considerations regarding swing type, automatic entry methods, maintenance, and budget.

  • Location: Ideally your driveway gate should be placed off the road and on your property leaving enough distance for you to pull your car fully into the driveway while waiting for the gate to open. The gate should take into account the current flow of traffic on the street and sidewalk.
  • Purpose: How much traffic will go through this gate every day? There are significant differences between an entry to a single-family dwelling versus an apartment building that may see residents coming and going much more frequently. You will need to decide the level of security, ease-of-use, and maintenance in relation to who will need to use the gate and attached entry system.
  • Posts: Driveway gates are larger, heavier, and with a wider variety of features. The posts required to anchor the gate will largely be determined by the style of gate you choose. Posts can be made of brick, metal, wood, or stone.
  • Ground level: The slope or curve of the driveway, along with aesthetics, will determine what type of gate you may need. If your driveway is a straight stretch, a smaller gate should suffice. However, if your driveway is curved or on a slope, a larger bi-parting gate may be necessary.

Types of Driveway Gates:

  • Sliding gate: A solid piece that retracts into a slot.
  • Swinging gate: A solid piece that swings open onto the property, away from on-coming traffic.
  • Bi-parting gate: Two smaller pieces that either slide open or swing open onto the property, often more expensive as it requires at least 2 motors, but provides a more dramatic effect.
  • Style: The overall design will depend largely on the size of the driveway, current fence, buildings, and landscaping on the property, budget, level of maintenance required, and personal taste. You can choose between a pre-made design or custom-built gate.

Garden Gates

A garden gate is a single doorway that’s usually 3 feet across opening to a walkway. These can be as simple as a waist high white picket gate with a manual latch or a 6 foot iron gate with a keypad entry.

  • Location: Front? Side? Back? A front yard gate may be designed to enhance the curb appeal of your property and require more decorative or see-through design. A side or back gate may be solely for security purposes and require a taller, more private style with additional security measures.
  • Purpose: Think about who is primarily using this gate. If visitors needing to open the gate frequently, you might consider a lightweight gate with an easy latch. If you’re adding more privacy and security, a heavy gate with keypad entry is more appropriate. Is this gate providing security on the edges of your property or limiting access to an interior feature such as a pool or private gym?
  • Posts: Are there already posts set up or do they need to be added?
  • Ground level: Is the walkway level? Even a minor bump may prevent a gate from opening properly.
  • Landscaping: Look at nearby trees and bushes. Do they need to be trimmed or even removed?
  • Style: Picture the gate from the street swinging open onto the property. Make sure you choose an overall style that compliments the structure and landscaping already present.

Gate Entry Systems

A telephone entry system provides a level of security that cannot be compared to any manual gate and is an expected feature on most condos and apartment complexes. Gated entry systems limit the pedestrian or driveway access to designated residents or visitors only. In addition to elevated safety, a gated entry system significantly increases property value, curb appeal, privacy, and adds an air of luxury.

Telephone Entry System Control Accessories:
Choosing the most appropriate entry system for your gate relies on its primary location, function, convenience, and amount of traffic.

  • Photo Beams
  • Keypads
  • Gate Locks
  • Card Readers
  • Proximity Readers
  • Card Swipe Units
  • Loop Detectors
  • Receivers
  • Remotes
  • Intercoms
  • Videocoms
  • Other Items


Choose the best material for your fence and gate based on the amount of privacy required for your entryway. Typical wood or composite gates seal off your property with a natural, earthy tone. An aluminum or wrought iron gate will showcase your property giving it a more spacious, open feel.

  • Wood: This material provides the unique features and grain pattern of the specific wood you choose. It will weather and age gracefully if maintained properly. Wood typically requires 3 coats of paint or stain about every 5-7 years.
  • Composite: Almost identical to the look of a wooden gate, composite is made of lightweight PVC material. This highly durable material is naturally white and can be painted (but not stained) any color. It may be more expensive initially, however, its low-maintenance is worth the investment.
  • Wrought Iron: Heavy and durable, these gates provide security while allowing an open view of your property. Similar to wood, wrought iron must be painted with 3 coats every 5-7 years to reduce rust, flaking, and chipping.
  • Aluminum: Providing the same curb appeal as wrought iron, aluminum is lightweight, sturdy, and stylish. Finished with a powder coating (often available in a variety of color), its finish is maintenance free.
  • Chain Link: lightweight and customizable.

Each property presents a unique set of challenges. Call a professional gate installation company to review these gate requirements, your personal style, and develop a plan that will add the security and curb appeal your house deserves.

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