Slide Gate Repairs

Should You Try to Service Your Gate System or Have it Replaced?

In general, older automatic gate systems should be replaced if they are somewhere near the end of their life. The exact age of this varies based on the original quality level of the particular system. Lesser quality systems can start to degrade at the 5 to 7 year mark, or earlier in some cases. More quality systems can last for 15 to 20 years.

Younger gate systems should be repaired “IF” they are a quality built product. For example, if you have an electric gate system that would normally have a service lifespan of about 15 years, and you are having an issue at year 8, then that’s a pretty easy one. Yes, repair it.

If the gate operating system is NOT a quality built product, and would normally have a service lifespan of about 5 to 7 years, and your problem occurs around year 6, it’s better to replace it.

We can help you determine the best choice based on the specific system, age, quality level, and other factors.

Other things to consider about repair vs. replacement

Are parts still available for your system? If your system needs a part that is not available, then that’s pretty obvious what to do. But some repairs do not require parts. They may just need an adjustment or batteries. In those cases, consider a repair because there is a decent chance to get your gate system up and running at a minimal cost.

Process to Start Repairing a Gate Operating System

  • Our technician will diagnose the problem and make recommendations for repairs along with an estimate. We charge a service fee, which reflects a 2-hour minimum charge, for this troubleshooting and diagnosis phase.
  • At that point, we discontinue the hourly charges and give you a price on the parts and labor to make the repairs.
  • To book the initial appointment, we need a credit or debit card# for the first service fee.
  • Keep in mind, not all gate systems can be fixed. And sometimes our service may be better spent on a new gate operating system. But there is no way to predict that until we perform our troubleshooting work.
  • Our service fee must be collected before we can come out. Our clients need to realize that they will be responsible for the service fee whether the gate operator can be fixed or not.

Process to Start a New or Replacement Gate Operating System

Contact Us for a free phone consultation. We will collect information about your particular circumstances. You may or may not have an automatic gate system or other gates in place already.

  • If we both agree to move forward, we will provide a free onsite consultation and official proposal. If you agree, we will get the project started for you.
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Manufacturer Warranty
Access Gate Systems will honor all of the manufacturers’ parts replacement warranties.

Our Labor/Workmanship Warranty
Access Gate Systems has a standard one-year workmanship and parts replacement warranty.

What Does This Mean?
Access Gate Systems will have your back as much as anyone in the industry today. If you call us for warranty service, we will be there. We will also help over the phone for free if it’s a simple issue that we can walk you through.

After you make your initial call to us, we will schedule your work as soon as possible. We pride ourselves on always being there for our clients to respond to warranty service calls.

We are not in control of shipping times for replacement parts, some of which come from overseas. Response times may be extended due to Covid restrictions or shipping delays. We ask that you give us professional liberty since these circumstances are beyond our control.

Lastly, the ultimate resolution may likely take longer than that if additional troubleshooting is required. However, we will always be there for you to follow through and handle your warranty service issue to completion, no matter how long it takes.

You can trust Access Gate Systems to handle all of your gate automation and access control needs. Please contact us to have a look at your project. We will give you a competitive price, always using top quality equipment that will stand the test of time with service after the sale.

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Five-Star Google Review

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