The Right Industrial Gate

Are you looking for the right industrial gate for your commercial property? Do you need to gain a full understanding of the main types of industrial gate systems before deciding ? You have come to the right place.

From the physical property, infrastructure, buildings and facilities, inventory and equipment, and the people working onsite – every component of your business requires protection. Safeguard your assets with an industrial gate system, which provides perimeter security, controlled access to authorized vehicles and personnel only, increased property value, and added professionalism. Commercial properties vary greatly in location, size, level of required security, volume of traffic, and surrounding physical limitations.

Automatic Sheet Metal Gate that Secures a Parking Lot in Metairie.


  1. Space Availability: Examine the amount of space on your property to install the gate, including width of the driveway, height limitations, and space in front of or behind a gate in order to swing fully open.
  2. Vehicle & Pedestrian Traffic: Think about how much traffic passes through the entrance. If vehicles would need to wait in line at the gate, would the line block traffic on the incoming street? Also consider the flow of pedestrian traffic and ensure the vehicle traffic would not create a dangerous intersection with adjacent walkways.
  3. Pedestrian Safety: Industrial gates are designed for vehicle use only. Any entryway that also needs to serve foot traffic must install a separate Pedestrian Gate.
  4. Size of Vehicles: The width and height of your gate opening must be proportional to the size of vehicles using it. A construction site using heavy industrial trucks will require a much wider and taller entranceway than a parking garage suitable to smaller vehicles.
  5. Frequency of Use: A perimeter gate around an apartment complex will have much less daily use than a business complex located in a busy city with workers and customers entering and exiting frequently. The gate and entry system must be designed to meet the specific needs of each situation.
  6. Speed of Entry: Heavy traffic will require a gate that opens and closes faster in order to reduce long lines and wait times.
  7. Level of Security: Depending on the type of business and location of the property, some gates may require added security including strict control access systems, taller/wider gate, or even on-site security or cameras.
  8. Professional Installation: Given the many different needs of each company, your best bet is to contact an expert gate installation company to help assess each area of your commercial property, design an appropriate security plan, and professionally install it.
  9. Reliable Maintenance & Repairs: Any gate malfunction can quickly halt access to your commercial property, threaten security, damage customer service, and ultimately hurt your bottom line. Acquiring a professional gate maintenance and repair company is essential to the success of your business.

Types of Industrial Gates

  1. Slide Gates

    • V Groove Rolling Gate The rolling gate opens by sliding the gate parallel against the fence on the side of the entrance. The roller wheels under the gate slide on a v-groove ground track that holds the gate in alignment. This type of gate requires routine maintenance as the roller wheels are subjected to significant wear and tear. The V Groove gate is only appropriate for areas with a low volume of traffic.
    • Cantilever Sliding Gate This gate slides open sideways similar to the V Groove, however instead of rolling wheels on ground level, it operates with a roller truck assembly. The roller wheels move on an enclosed track that is above the ground. Since the track is enclosed, it moves easily, requires less maintenance, and offers increased safety. The cantilever gate uses a counterbalance section to remain open/closed, so this style requires a longer gate.
    • Overhead Sliding Gate
      Similar to the cantilever gate, this style uses an enclosed track system, but the beam is installed at the top of the gate. Since it does not utilize a counterbalance panel, the gate can be smaller. However, the overhead beam does create a height restriction for vehicles (usually around 16 feet).
  2. Swing Gates
    Just like a door, a swing gate opens by swinging our or in (usually gates swing forward onto the property), therefore the entranceway must have sufficient space for the gate to swing fully open. Also consider any pedestrian path that may collide with the opening gate.
  3. Vertical Lift Gate
    The gate is pulled up and over the entranceway by the power of twin lifting towers on either side of the gate. This style is the most compact, space-efficient type for smaller entryways, but it does add a height restriction.
  4. Vertical Pivot Lift Gate
    This style pulls the gate up from only one side, lifting and resting the gate on its side. There is no overhead limitation with this lift gate, but you need some space on the side to set the open gate.
  5. Bi-Folding Gates
    Two panels open in the middle and either swing or slide open. This is the fastest opening gate and takes up a small amount of space in the entryway.
  6. Barrier Arms
    Used to efficiently control vehicle passage, this has a horizontal arm attached to a post that quickly pivots up to allow vehicle entry. This system is the least secure as it does not prevent pedestrian trespassers from entering the property.

Industrial fences and gates are primarily constructed from aluminum or iron.

  • Iron: Heavy and durable, these gates provide security while allowing an open view of your property. The heavy weight of iron may limit the style of gate, however, as it will need more force to open/close properly. Iron finishes will require maintenance to avoid rust and weathering.
  • Aluminum: Providing the same curb appeal as wrought iron, aluminum is lightweight, sturdy, and stylish. Finished with a powder coating (often available in a variety of color), its finish is maintenance free. Since it is lightweight, easier and quicker to lift, slide, and swing – aluminum is the primary choice for industrial gates.
  • Chain Link: lightweight, customizable, and affordable. Add barbed wire along the top for extra security.

Control Access Systems

The pinnacle of every industrial gate is the method for allowing only authorized vehicles to enter/exit your property. Call a gate access professional to determine which system will provide the best security and functionality for your company.

Telephone Entry System Control Accessories:

  • Photo Beams
  • Keypads
  • Gate Locks
  • Card Readers
  • Proximity Readers
  • Card Swipe Units
  • Loop Detectors
  • Receivers
  • Remotes
  • Intercoms
  • Videocoms
  • Other Items

You are the expert at your business. Call a professional industrial gate installation company to keep your commercial property safe, valued, and professional.

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