Introducing the innovative creation of the ultimate gate frame handling tool!

This tool when attached to a forklift makes the lifting, transporting, loading and unloading of gate frames a breeze. It eliminates extra labor, saves time, improves efficiency, and is much safer than the way you are handling your gates now.

The device is the culmination of several years of research (patent pending), trial and error, and perfecting a device that will pay for itself many times over from the savings in time, efficiency, reduced labor costs, and increased safety in the handling of gates that is unmatched in the industry today. One person can handle gate frames of any type or size when using this gate lifting tool. It carries gates frames both parallel and perpendicular to the forklift for all the situations that you require when handling or transporting your gates.

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The test gate in our shop was a 6’ high X 40’ long chain link gate set up for barbed wire. This gate lifting tool allows one person to hook and lift the completed gate frame from the horizontal position and take it directly to be loaded, or transported to a temporary storage location without the help of other spotters, slings, chains, or other tools to lift and transport the gate frame.

There were several obstacles that we needed to overcome to make this tool viable and universal on an entire assortment of different gate frames. Chain link gate frames were the key ingredient in this mix of different frames since we had to design a tool that would work with the chain link fabric already installed on the frame. More importantly the tool had to be designed in such a way as to be able to handle gate frames with both commercial and residential grade chain link fabric already installed onto it equally as well. The gate lifting tool also includes important design accommodations for the handling of gate frames that are set up for barbed wire since most gate shops will need to handle these types of frames. Once these achievements were obtained, handling other types of gate frames like ornamental iron or metal frames for wood fence gates were very easy without the limitations of the chain link fabric.

This wonderful tool will save countless dollars to each gate shop, gate company, fence company that builds its own gates, or gate installers that use it in the field to install gate frames. The gate lifting tool will pay for itself many times over from the savings in time, labor, and increased safety in handling gate frames of all types and sizes.