Chain Drive Rolling Gate Systems
The most common type of rolling gate system uses a chain to move the gate back and forth. Chain drive systems are used on most residential, most commercial, and some industrial applications.

Hydraulic Drive Slide Gate Systems
The hydraulic sliding gate system uses a horizontal drive rail that connects to the gate frame, which is driven by a hydraulic pump. A sliding gate system that uses a hydraulic drive system is primarily used in heavy-duty industrial settings and is not necessary for most commercial or residential projects.

To learn more about the differences between chain and hydraulic drive systems, click here.

This material provides the unique features and grain pattern of the specific wood you choose. It will weather and age gracefully if maintained properly. Wood typically requires 3 coats of paint or stain every few years.

From the smallest roll gate to the largest, there are gate operators that have the ability with our superior installation techniques to automate any gate that you already have or want us to make for you.

Iron is heavy and durable, these gates provide security while allowing an open view of your property. Iron finishes will require maintenance to avoid rust and weathering.

Aluminum is lightweight, sturdy, and stylish. Finished with a powder coating, its finish is maintenance free. Since it is lightweight, easier and quicker to lift, slide, and swing – aluminum is the primary choice for general gates.

Each property presents a unique set of challenges. Call a professional gate installation company to review these gate requirements, your personal style, and develop a plan that will add the security and appeal your property deserves.

Chain link gates and fences are the preferred option for warehouses or industrial businesses. AGS Access can replace your existing chain link fence and install a new automatic gate designed for repeated wear and tear.

LiftMaster Automatic Gate Installer
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LiftMaster Automatic Gate Installer

LiftMaster Automatic Gate Installer
Elite Automatic Gate Installer